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Pediatric Center - 24hours

Provide a service and treatment for children's sickness or chronic illness. Promoting health, Immunization by age, Prevention of disease, Screening disease, Diagnosed and consultation with the pediatrician.  

The aim of the children's department of Prince Suvarnabhumi Hospital is treating and caring for children of all ages in emergency situations, whether it is acute illness or severe illness such as Flu, Gastroenteritis, or injuries from accidents. To receive proper treatment and care from medical personnel and skilled nurses. Provide counseling and support to families, parents or guardians lesson to care for children in the home and deal with emergency situations that may arise. including study and give advice on children's health regarding children's health to families and society by provides information about child care that is appropriate for child development and prevention of illness.


Diagnostic Services

Pediatric Center - 24hours Department Focus on taking care of all matters of children such as treatment of general diseases, child health care, disease prevention, and child development.

  1. Caring for sick children: Pediatric Center - 24hours Department has the ability to accept pediatric patients of all ages with health problems including admitting patients who have severe symptoms and need special treatment.
  2. Having a Chest Pediatrician: we have a doctors who specialize in the respiratory system and diseases related to children's chest organs.
  3. New ward for children: Pediatric Center - 24hours Department has prepare the children ward for the children patient who admit at the hospital, which is comfortable and safe for children and families. 
  4. Caring for the children vacination and general health examination: Providing services for general health examination of children and vaccinations according to the child vaccination schedule including an advice on caring for children's health in the home.
  5. Childredn Development: In addition to general health care, we aims at child development including with an advice on raising children in various aspects for promote children's development and growth.


Location: A Building, 2nd Floor

Working Hours: Monday - Sunday 08.00 A.M. - 08.00 P.M.

Tel:02-080-5999 - 9 (International Customer Service)


A Building, 2nd Floor


Monday - Sunday 08.00A.M. - 08.00P.M.


02-080-5999 - 9 (International Customer Service)