Bone and joint center (Orthopaedics center)

Bone and Joint Center (Orthopedics center)

Consultation services, diagnosis, and treatment for people with disorders of bones, joints, ligaments, nerves, and muscles of all kinds comprehensively. by a team of specialists in orthopedic surgery with a lot of experience and expertise, including specialized nurses and physical therapist along with modern medical science and technology for diagnosis Or plan the treatment accurately and precisely, covering both non-surgical treatment. and surgical treatment which has a variety of surgical techniques to suit each patient.

  • Diagnostic services and Advanced Minimal Invasive Surgery

  • General orthopedic surgery

  • Spine surgery

  • Total hip and knees replacement

  • Advanced Minimal Invasive Surgery for tendon and muscle

  • Sports Medicine Services such as Musculoskeletal injuries from sports

  • Hand and feets surgery


Arthroplasty Surgery

  • Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty (UKA)
  • Total Knee Raplacement (TKR)
  • Total Hip Replacement (THR)

Orthopedic center at Princ Hospital Suvarnabhumi has brought the high performance medical technology by using an Advanced Minimal Invasive Surgery to treat the patient. It makes the surgical process precise, small surgical incisions, reduces blood loss, and recovery more quickly.


Spine Surgery

For the patient who face with spine injuries, spinal cord or nerves often have back or neck pain. We are providing a supportive treatment til a treatment with surgery. Led by the expert doctor with high performance equipment and technology for appropiate treatment to aid the patient coming back to the normal life.  


Advanced Minimal Invasive Surgery to Repair the Tendons and Muscles

It is one of the most accurate methods of arthroscopic tendon and muscle repair by using the high performance equipment and technology for appropiate treatment to assist the patient coming back to the normal life.


Treatment of Patients Injured in Sports

Treatment for sports injuries is different from conventional treatment, some procedures may have specific techniques follow as below;

  • Urgent diagnosis in certain cases of injury in violent sports. Diagnosis and management must be swift to prevent death or risk of life.
  • Use of specific technologies and tools such as using the MRI or CT Scan in order to diagnose symptoms in depth and accuracy.
  • Integrated care is bringing the modern medicine and alternative medicine or complementary medicine mix or integrate together in holistic health care. To assist the patient back to the healthy.
  • Recovery plan management is treating patients who have sustained a sports injury often requires a specific recovery plan by rehabilitation or training session for recovery from injuries sustained in sports.


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